1. Your Five Senses

In what ways can you use each of your 5 senses to bring yourself a moment or peace and mindfulness? Think of one or two quietly to yourself or simply practice it in the moment.


2. Your Control Wheel

If you’re prone to “hypothetical worry” (i.e., the ‘what if?’ thoughts), practice noticing these thoughts and then redirecting your attention to things within your control.

Use this example to draw your own circle and write down what you do not have control over outside the circle. Then, note the things you can control inside of the circle – and pause for a moment of gratitude.

3. Playing Twenty Questions, One at a Time

We invite you to take a moment now to tune into your body and notice how you’re feeling. Reflect on them and perhaps write down what you're feeling in the moment.

Then, scan the 20 questions below. Which one can you answer for yourself right now? Keep this handy and consider a different question next time.