A new focus: your health span

As we age, we notice our bodies changing.
You may have trouble walking long distances, your joints feel achy after a long day, or you may need glasses to see better. We can sometimes feel powerless against aging and the sands of time. We cannot stop the clock in the biological aging process; however, we can take steps to live more vibrant, functional lives. We do this by focusing on our
health span.   


Our health span is different from our lifespan in that lifespan is the total number of years we live, whereas health span is how many of those years we remain healthy and free from disease. Some researchers argue that our health span is more important than our lifespan. You can live a long life, but many of those years may be burdened by chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer.   


What steps do you need to take to improve your health span?  


Focus on Nutrition  

You have heard the saying: “you are what you eat.” By focusing on what is on your plate, you can begin to take a step toward healthy aging. Add more vegetables to your diet, avoid processed foods or refined sugars, and drink plenty of water. Check out additional information and resources on nutrition here.   


Stay Active  

According to researchers at Harvard University, lifelong physical activity can extend your health span. Being physically active does more than burn calories, however. It also improves heart health, reduces inflammation, discourages blood clot formation, improves mobility and flexibility, and strengthens muscles and bones.   


Active movement does not need to be complex! As little as 10-20 minutes of physical activity a day can significantly impact your health. Consider going for a walk with a friend or loved one, taking up a new hobby like pickleball, or considering something like these daily chair exercises.   


Build & Maintain Strong Social Connections  

One may not naturally think that maintaining good relationships is the secret to a healthy life. However, research shows that maintaining strong connections throughout adulthood is critical to feeling fulfilled and happy. Loneliness can lead to chronic health problems and early mortality. Check out our Community Connections Guidebook for information on how to get started.   


Embrace your age  

While aging is a normal part of life, we can take steps to improve our quality of life so we can live out our final years with joy, health, and connection. If you are not sure how to get started or need help with focusing on your health span, we are here to help. Reach out to us here or by calling us anytime at 866-660-9533.