As the holiday season begins and our homes are filled with family and friends, it’s important to keep our surroundings risk-free – which includes a thoughtful safety check of both our own homes and the places we’ll be staying. Holiday celebrations often involve visits with loved ones you may only see at this time of year, so it’s the perfect time to make sure you feel secure in protective measures for your home and family before the full swing of festivities begins.

Storing Medicine and Substances

Medicines and vitamins help families feel well and stay well, but children are curious; to keep them safe, parents and caregivers must practice safe medicine storage (and ask about this practice in every home you visit). Always put every medicine, vitamin, and supplement—especially those in gummy form—up and away every time you use it, including those you use every day, even between doses.

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Firearms Safety

Fully secure storage of guns is a critical part of safety anywhere. It can also be an emotionally charged topic, so being prepared with conversation scripts and essential safety facts can help.

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Personal Safety for Kids and Aging Parents

The holidays – it’s their time to shine! Kids, that is; any parent, grandparent, or adult in a child’s life has experienced the wonder of the season through a child’s eyes. However, it’s also a time when they may be particularly vulnerable.

Going home for the holidays often brings great joy and can also come with the dawning realization that our parents or other family members are aging and may need additional support. These visits are an important time to take stock of their general well-being – and pay attention to their physical and mental health.

Whether you’re preparing for the conversation for the first time or it’s been an ongoing discussion in your family, here are some tips for evaluating the safety and security of your older relatives: