You could benefit from a local EAP if...

  • Your employees are prone to stress or struggling with work/life balance
  • Productivity and focus is essential to their work
  • You’re looking to reduce healthcare costs
  • Substance use or depression/anxiety seem to be creeping into your  workforce
  • Your managers could use free and unlimited coaching and consultations
  • Your HR or managers are spending too much time on seeking out the right resources for employees

EAP is a prevention and intervention tool, and rich with resources for staff and their families.

We help keep personal problems from interfering with work performance. EAP provides counseling, support, resources, and referrals for:

  • Relationship/marital problems
  • Legal difficulties
  • Mental health (depression, anxiety, and more)
  • Concerns over substance use
  • Financial problems
  • Elder care
  • Child care


A hallmark of Invest EAP services is our consultation and training to your HR and management teams regarding the impact and resolution of behavioral/mental health and productivity problems. Our goals are less management time taken up by employee problems and improved morale.

We talk to managers every day about:

  • Substance use in their employees
  • Productivity or absenteeism concerns
  • Diversity
  • Violence
  • Harassment
  • Worksite wellness programs
  • Disability accommodations