Introducing Invest EAP’s exciting new service!

Life Resources is a new component of EAP that provides an onsite workplace Resource Coordinator to assist lower income employees with daily life challenges that if unaddressed may contribute to absenteeism and turnover. Life Resources fully integrates the work of an onsite Resource Coordinator with EAP to provide one comprehensive cost-effective service for employers.

The Life Resources on-site coordinator builds real relationships with your employees. The strength of the resulting relationships creates an environment in which these employees find it easier to request help. This is especially true for lower income employees who, as research tells us, rely more on personal connections than professionals to solve their daily life problems.  

Our pilot projects demonstrated clearly that by integrating EAP services with the work of the Resource Coordinator much is gained. Our Resource Coordinators, who were both clinicians and non-clinicians during the pilot, came to the conclusion that low wage earners benefit significantly when the Resource Coordinator is also an EAP counselor. Resource Coordinators reported that their role in the workplace enabled them to not only provide low wage earners with needed resources to address their current crisis, but in the case of EAP Counselors working as Resource Coordinators, to help these employees address some of the underlying issues that are barriers to transcending poverty.  

If you want to learn more about our new Life Resources product, how inexpensive it can be when integrated with EAP, and how it can specifically benefit your workplace, please click on the link in the right sidebar, or call us now at 1-888-861-8112.